Family Online & In-Office Therapy

If you are interested in doing online therapy or an office visit with TransNewYork, please use this link to request an appointment.

Family Support

At TransNewYork, we wish for all individuals discovering their gender identity to be comfortable and safe in holding discussions with their loved ones. We organize group meetings that offer education and awareness to spouses, parents, siblings, and other relatives.

Our group meetings at TransNewYork provide the following:

  • Support and education for family members
  • Relationship development
  • Complete confidentiality

While we are based in New York, you do not have to be local to attend. We can also conduct meetings via phone calls and Skype, among other forms of technological communication.

We want to ensure that we provide a safe, secure, and judgment-free environment. You may contact us at or call us at (516) 421-1663 to arrange a pre-meeting call to help prepare you for our meetings.

Back To School Help

Is your LGBTQ+ child ready for the new school year? We have the resources you need. Check out our curated resource guide for parents, guardians, and family members of LGBTQ+ children and teens to help make this their best school year ever.

Our Back To School resources provide the following:

  • Tools to help you and your LGBTQ+ child work through school-related challenges
  • Help prepare for difficult situations with anti-bullying tools and techniques from experts
  • Create safe spaces for your LGBTQ+ child to live their best lives — both at school and at home

We now offer TELEHEALTH Counseling.  Set up your online appointment.

We’re offering online sessions now in addition to my in-office sessions! If you are interested in doing online therapy, please use this link to request an appointment.

WE use thera-LINK for my online services. thera-LINK is a HIPAA secure video platform that allows us to communicate with one another securely. Once you request an appointment, we’ll be in touch with next steps!

If you would like help using Thera-link, here is a helpful link to show you how.