Group Online & In-Office Therapy

If you are interested in doing online therapy or an office visit with TransNewYork, please use this link to request an appointment.

Group Counseling 

At TransNewYork we recognize that we all have the ability to learn from one another. Our group meetings offer support and nurturing for all in our community. When we open our hearts we let go of shame and fear and start to develop who we really are.

The topics we cover include the following:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Sexuality within the context of the Transgender Non-Conforming Community
  • Transitioning the Good, the Bad and the Indifferent
  • Crossdressing living a full life without Transitioning
  • Vetted group attendees
  • Complete confidentiality
Virtural EMDR

Mental Health treatment when you need it most

Get immediate virtual help for Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Grief, and Addictions

We now offer TELEHEALTH Counseling.  Set up your online appointment.

We’re offering online sessions now in addition to my in-office sessions! If you are interested in doing online therapy, please use this link to request an appointment.

WE use thera-LINK for my online services. thera-LINK is a HIPAA secure video platform that allows us to communicate with one another securely. Once you request an appointment, we’ll be in touch with next steps!

If you would like help using Thera-link, here is a helpful link to show you how.