As we anticipate the New York Coming Out Conference from October 30th to November 3rd, 2019, we encourage everyone in the Trans community to register for the event and make arrangements to attend and participate.  In addition to the workshops, speakers, and vendors contributing to this event, consider that it is being held in New York City, perhaps the greatest metropolis in the world.

While the conference will hopefully provide you an opportunity to connect to like-minded individuals and therefore unify our community, the majestic city known as the Big Apple can offer as many memorable experiences in the categories of culture, entertainment, and culinary excellence as anyone can imagine!  Seriously, think about something you have always wanted to do (within the realm of possibility, not like riding a unicorn or having tea with Honest Abe).  Chances are, you can make that adventure happen on the Island of Manhattan, or it’s five boroughs.

Have you always wanted to try real NYC pizza?  There are literally hundreds of pizza joints scattered like breadcrumbs throughout the city vying for the crown of authentic NYC pizza, but infamous in its quality is Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich, which has routinely made top food lists of being one of the best providers of pizza pies on the planet earth since it opened in the 1950s.  If what you want is to experience a true taste of New York city flavor and history at once, then visiting Joe’s on Carmine Street is a must.  Pizza may be the most closely identified NYC food, but any type of cuisine is a possibility in this great city.  I defy you to name one kind of meal that can’t be found here.

As for culture, NYC has more museums and art galleries than one could visit in a week without interruption. The Metropolitan Museum of Art alone has three separate locations housing the in-house Met Collection as well as a rotating series of exhibits which takes days to peruse!  Other cultural giants include The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the American Museum of Natural History as well as a myriad of more specialized museums like the wax museum at Madame Tussaud’s of New York and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

For those looking for an oasis in the concrete jungle, parks abound throughout Manhattan.  In 1853, Central Park was established as America’s first major landscaped public park.  After a series of management changes, as well as financial troubles perhaps stemming from the shifting priorities of changing governments, today Central Park is the realization of artistic vision and conservationism that inspires urban parks around the world.  Equally breathtaking is the far more recently established High Line.  “Built on a historic, elevated freight line, The High Line is more than a park. It’s a public space where you can view art, walk through gardens, experience a performance, and savor delicious food, -while enjoying a unique perspective of the city.   The High Line has become a world-renowned inspiration for how cities can transform industrial infrastructure into beautiful, hybrid public spaces.”

If Sex and the City taught us anything, NOTHING beats the NYC nightlife.  We’re not just talking high-end martini’s and high heeled shoes, but karaoke bars that run ‘til dawn, and theme taverns like the Beauty Bar that offers haircuts and pedicures while you get your drink on.  The Way Station is an actual Doctor Who themed bar located in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn!

Perhaps the biggest draw of all is Broadway, baby!  Never has there been a time where more has been offered on the grand stage.  Whether you are into musicals, comedies, and drama…if you want to experience the best of American Theatre, research your tickets NOW…especially if you’re going to see Hamilton, currently the hottest seats in town.  Even if you suddenly find yourself with some extra time at the last minute, websites like will post tickets for shows where patrons cancel, or reserved seats are suddenly open for that evening.

This conference promises to be a fun, informative event designed to forge new connections and address issues within the LGBTQA community, but make no mistake…New York City in Autumn has its own allure.  So come to the conference, attend the workshops, participate in all it has to give…and then take those new friends you’ve made, hit the streets and prepare yourself to enjoy the city that never sleeps.