Corporate Training

Transgender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Training

TransNewYork offers a unique opportunity to companies to train their staff in Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Inclusion in your workplace, thus ensuring that your company is truly diverse and open to people of different gender expressions and identities. Despite a growing global awareness of the struggles trans people face, many employers remain ill-equipped to create the policies and workplace cultures that would support trans employees. Part of the problem is a lack of knowledge about these challenges. Trans individuals are often stigmatized—that is, socially devalued—providing a basis for discrimination against them. Studies suggest that the costs of that stigma and discrimination are steep.

The ever-expanding transgender community is developing its voice and impact in our society, even in the face of harassment and violence against it. By inviting your staff to participate in dynamic and interactive training around how to be culturally competent and welcoming with this population, you will be able to attract the highest level of talent to contribute their skills and brilliance to your business.

TransNewYork’s mission is to educate, empower, and enhance the lives of Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, and Non-binary individuals through advocacy, community visibility, human and social services, workforce readiness, and corporate training. TransNewYork’s corporate training program delivers effective, informative, and compelling programs by using a three-stage model that delivers relevant content through the lens of personal stories of transition in Corporate America.

Gender training topics

The following is a list of our most commonly requested gender training topics. At TransNewYork we customized each training based on Organizational needs:

  • Difference Between Sex and Gender
  • Gender Workplace Demographics
  • Transgender and non-conforming Identity
  • Women in Leadership
  • Gender Bias
  • Diverse Hiring Practices (Gender-based)
  • Power and Control in the Workplace
  • Measuring Gender Equity (Assessment Tools)
  • How to Increase Number of Women in Leadership Roles
  • Gender as a Protected Class
  • Responsive Planning
  • Best Practices for Building a Diverse Inclusive Culture


TransNewYork’s bundle of services for Organizations:

The complexity of understanding gender identity within a workplace setting cannot be understated; in our society, Gender impacts individuals in the workplace in a multitude of ways such as power, privilege, leadership, employment opportunities, productivity, and much more. Our goal is to help instill the importance of diversity and acceptance in the workplace. This training provides strategies and the best practices in building and communicating in an inclusive environment.

TransNewYork delivers impactful, informative, and compelling programs by using a three-stage model that delivers relevant content through the lens of personal stories of transition in Corporate America:

  1. The education of our audiences is at its foundation.
  2. This foundation, in turn, leads to a better level of understanding,
  3. It is this understanding that ultimately sows the seeds of acceptance.

We cater to teams, leaders, human resource personnel, hiring authorities, new hires, and any group or individual that would benefit from increased exposure to the concept of creating transgender-inclusive workplaces.



We find ourselves as individuals, organizations and companies at a very unique intersection in the evolution of Corporate America and the LGBT movement. Stephanie believes she has been brought to this point in our history with a clear and specific objective: to educate, to inform, to inspire. Her straightforward approach lends an overarching sense of humanness to her programs and sets her apart from other speakers because she has lived through what she speaks. This produces energy that creates the power to change minds, and more importantly, to change hearts.

FORMAT: In-person speeches (60-90 minutes), Webinars (45-90 minutes)

The topic for each speech is specifically tailored to the needs of the client and/or event. (Client is expected to provide the technology platform for webinars.)



Spark change in your organization with basic, intermediate, or advanced education on the Transgender community. This can also include guidance on specific workplace issues such as the implementation of transition guidelines, onboarding of transitioning employees, guidance on bathrooms, and other accommodations for the transitioning employee.

FORMAT: Full day (7-8 hours) or half-day (3.5-4 hours) workshops.



Whether it is leading a Q&A session with HR and D&I executives, conducting a small group discussion with ERG leadership, or working in a dyad or triad with a transitioning employee, their manager, and an HR liaison; Stephanie will provide the support, education, and guidance you seek tailored to your specific circumstances

FORMAT: In-person discussions FEE: Negotiable based on specific client needs.

Companies that have taken part in this diversity and inclusion training program found their employees to be more engaged, better capable to work as a team, and producing higher quality work. Our most recent clients include The Ad Council and Northwell Health.