TGNCNB Stock Photo Challenge

Become the face of our next campaign!

We’re on a mission to make our diverse community more visible in places that matter. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Transgender, Gender-Nonconforming and Non-Binary (TGNCNB) Stock Photo Challenge! 

Stock photo websites do not represent the full breadth and beauty of TGNCNB individuals. We are a diverse community made up of different races, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, and stock photos should represent every facet of who we are.

We decided to take action and create a stock photo website featuring photos of TGNCNB people like you — right here on All you have to do is follow the instructions below to submit your photo(s) to our stock photo website and get a chance to become the face of our next campaign!

What We’re Looking For

  • Photos of Transgender, Gender-Nonconforming, and/or Non-Binary people
  • The photos can feature you, your friends, your loved ones, and anyone else you have permission to photograph
  • Include scenes that showcase a day in the life of someone who belongs to the TGNCNB community, whether that’s going for a walk in the neighborhood, running a business meeting, or cooking dinner with loved ones
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you have permission to photograph the subjects in your photos

How to Participate

  1. Read and sign the photo release form
  2. Email your photos and photo release form to In your email, please include your name, website URL, and a caption (if applicable) so we can give you credit for your work.
  3. Please note that photos sent to TransNewYork will become the property of TransNewYork and can be used by other organizations for marketing and advertising purposes via our stock photo repository

Becoming the Face of our Next Campaign

The photo that receives the most visits/downloads will be featured across our campaign announcing the stock photo website’s launch. This is a great opportunity for aspiring photographers who want to bring visibility to our diverse community. 

Download Photo Release Form