A thoughtful gift goes a long way. One way to show your appreciation for your Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming friends is by giving them gifts that celebrate the essence of self-love and expression. 

We gathered a list of our top gifts to help you make that special someone’s day during the holidays and beyond. When shopping for gifts for Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming loved ones, consider products and services by Transgender and LGBTQ-owned businesses. It’s a win-win for the recipient and the community — and our community is grateful for all the help it receives!

1. For the Artsy Friend: Pantone Trans Print

The Transgender Pride flag is instantly recognizable, thanks to its beautiful blue, pink and white color palette. Transgender family and friends who appreciate art and history will love this Pantone Trans Pride Print designed by Merav Shalom.

Pantone Pride Print

The print also features the year the Stonewall Riots took place, giving a rightful nod to the LGBTQ+ rights movement spearheaded by Trans activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

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2. For Any Friend: Flat N’ Flawless Ultimate Scar Cream

Specifically made for Trans and Gender-Nonconforming individuals, Flat N’ Flawless Ultimate Scar Cream minimizes the appearance of all types of scars, including post-operative scars. Featuring a unique blend of essential oils, the 100% natural and organic cream reduces redness and inflammation — all while serving as a natural sunscreen!

Bonus: 10% of Flat N’ Flawless’ profits go to Point of Pride, a nonprofit that helps Trans people change their names and gender markers, gives away binders and manages a surgery fund.

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3. For the Advocate: Support Accessible Mental Health Services

Trans and Gender-Nonconforming people experience higher risks of violence and hostility, contributing to a wide variety of mental health challenges. Studies have found that 51.4% of trans women and 48.3% of trans men experience depression (compared to 16.6% of the total U.S. population), while 48% of trans adults have considered suicide in the past 12 months. 

Unfortunately, several barriers are in place that prevent Trans and Gender-Nonconforming people from getting the healthcare services they need to overcome mental health-related obstacles. For example, in the past year, 23% of Trans individuals didn’t see a doctor when they needed to because they feared mistreatment as a Trans person, and 33% didn’t see a doctor because of cost

These inequities inspired us to launch TransNewYork and provide free quality mental health services to all members of the Transgender, Gender-Nonconforming and LGBTQ+ communities. Our services save lives and encourage LGBTQ+ people to thrive in their authenticity, and we rely on donors and sponsors to support this critical mission.

Consider donating to TransNewYork in honor of your Trans family and friends. You can even dedicate your donation in honor or in memory of someone to make your gift even more special.

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4. For the Reader: Books By Trans Authors

Reading is fundamental. Books by Transgender authors are becoming more and more popular, providing even more opportunities for readers to learn about Trans history, explore gender and discover new perspectives. 

Janet Mock’s memoir, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love, and So Much More, is a moving coming-of age story surrounding her gender and transition. 

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In Amateur: A True Story about What Makes A Man, Thomas Page McBee dives into the concept of masculinity and how it relates to violence while training to fight in a boxing match at Madison Square Garden

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5. For the Proud Friend: Pronoun Pins

There are so many different ways to communicate your pronouns to people you know and don’t know (email signatures, anyone?).

With these sleek and stylish Pronoun Pins by Wildfang, your friends can introduce themselves and their pronouns right off the bat in a fun yet professional manner. It’s the perfect gift for Transgender family and friends who love to share their self love with those around them. 

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More Thoughtful Gifts for Transgender Family & Friends

Sometimes, just listening to your friends or giving them a shoulder to lean on is the best gift of all. Our Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming mental health counselors can help with that, too!

More Thoughtful Gifts for Transgender Family and Friends

Here are some more free services you can share with your Transgender family and friends during and after the holidays:

  • Teletherapy Appointments: Your Transgender and LGBTQ+ friends can schedule a free teletherapy appointment with our mental health counselors via Theralink. They can also call or text us at 917-789-7490. Standard text messaging rates apply.
  • Food Support: Our Sisters Helping Sisters initiative delivers high-density and nutritious groceries to Transgender, Gender-Nonconforming and Non-Binary individuals in the County of Queens (New York) and surrounding Metropolitan area free of charge. Please share this resource with your friends as we work to reduce food inequality in our community.

Visit our fundraising page to learn how you can help support our nonprofit organization’s life-saving services. Your gift will mean a lot to your Transgender family and friends, as well as the Transgender community as a whole.


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